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Is Manifesting Real? All You Need to Know About Taking Action This Babe Is Not Retrograde

Is manifesting just a fad? Yes, if you think your effort stops at a vision board. Aman and Olga discuss the best ways to take action to bring your vision to reality, and what to do if you don't know what you want. Where to find Aman: website+blog: amankaur.co Instagram: @iamkoffeequeen/ @themorningbabe Twitter: @themorningbabe Where to find Olga: website+blog: notretrograde.com Instagram: @olgaverk Twitter: @notretrograde Resources  (definitely not sponsored lol): online therapy: betterhelp.com & talkspace our favorite meditation app: Calm (free for Kaiser members) easy, free natal chart builder: Astro.com weirdly accurate astrology-based app: The Pattern our favorite gratitude journal: The Five-Minute Journal podcasts we mention: The Ikonns, The Lively Show — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thisbabeisnotretro/support
  1. Is Manifesting Real? All You Need to Know About Taking Action
  2. Deep Thoughts on Holiday Shopping and Knowing What You Want
  3. How Not to Get Anxious When You Don't Know What's Next
  4. On Perfectionism, Indecisiveness & Creativity
  5. How-To's of Therapy, Attachment and Why Values Are Always the Answer

Co-hosted with life and mindset coach Aman Kaur.

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