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On Perfectionism, Indecisiveness & Creativity This Babe Is Not Retrograde

Join us for another catch-up as we compare notes on our insights from therapy, how we're battling perfectionism, indecisiveness and what role creativity plays in the process. Where to find Aman: website+blog: amankaur.co Instagram: @amankaurco / @themorningbabe Twitter: @themorningbabe Where to find Olga: website+blog: notretrograde.com Instagram: @olgaverk Twitter: @notretrograde Resources  (definitely not sponsored lol): online therapy: betterhelp.com & talkspace our favorite meditation app: Calm (free for Kaiser members) easy, free natal chart builder: Astro.com — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. On Perfectionism, Indecisiveness & Creativity
  2. How-To's of Therapy, Attachment and Why Values Are Always the Answer
  3. Dissecting Identity & How Astrology Can Help You Find Your Shadow
  4. Going Inward – on Therapy, Meditation & Self-Acceptance
  5. Building Adequate Self-Esteem

Co-hosted with life and mindset coach Aman Kaur.

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