About Olga

  1. I’ve been studying, consulting and writing about astrology for the last 5+ years. I truly believe it is the most beautiful thing that was somehow created in this world and I feel truly lucky to feel a close connection to it. I love astrology so much, sometimes I can actually cry if I think about it too hard (as you can tell, I’ve got some water in my chart).
  2. I have a day job in travel PR. Having been bit by a travel bug personally, I feel very grateful to read travel magazines for a living. Hence, why I wanted to add some travel & other things that inspire me on a daily to this site.
  3. In this moment, I call Monterey, California home.
  4. Other things that bring me (almost) as much joy as astrology: dogs, coffee in bed (especially when the mentioned dog is nearby), airports in early mornings, burning candles when it’s raining, puns, reuniting with friends and putting words onto paper.
  5. I hate small talk, video and board games, bok choy, sitting in traffic, messy kitchens, birds up-close (I’m sorry, it just weirds me out they came from dinosaurs).
  6. I think my best asset is my private Twitter account.
  7. Perfection is the most exhausting thing in this world, so I embrace mental mess, forgiving and taking it easy. Which is why this whole website will always be unpolished. I don’t embrace the absence of balance. 
  8. And since I am not about perfection, I’m not going to try to round this up to 10 bullet points. 
  9. My favorite number is 9, so I’ll leave it at 9 bullet points.