In case you stumble upon this one in a gazillion pages on the Internet, and decide you’re curious enough to read more, here is some info you didn’t ask for.

  1. My name is Olga. I am very much into astrology (hence the name of it all). I’ve been studying, consulting and writing about it for 5+ years. I truly believe it is the most beautiful thing that was somehow created in this world. I love astrology so much, I can actually cry if I think about it too hard.
  2. I also have a day job in travel PR. I’ve accidentally discovered this was even a thing but found myself fulfilled by what I do on that arena. Having been bit by a travel bug personally, I feel very grateful to read travel magazines for a living. Hence, why I wanted to add some travel & other things that inspire me on a daily to this site.
  3. My home for the moment is Monterey, California. In the last 10 years, it has changed from Izhevsk, Russia to Chico, CA, back to Izhevsk, to Fresno, CA (don’t ask) to Los Angeles, to Moscow (#poordecisions) to Sacramento, CA and finally, Monterey (for now or forever). I also like to say that I’ve lived in Spain and Portugal somewhere in between of those. It was only for a month each, but I truly felt and lived like a local in Seville. So, to bring it back to the point – I have issues with self-identity when it comes to geography.
  4. Other things that bring me (almost) as much joy as astrology: dogs, coffee in bed (especially when the mentioned dog is nearby), airports in early mornings, burning candles when it’s raining, puns, reuniting with friends and writing.
  5. I hate small talk, video and board games, bok choy, sitting in traffic, messy kitchens, birds up-close.
  6. I think my best asset is my private Twitter account.
  7. Perfection is the most exhausting thing in this world, so I embrace mental mess, forgiving and taking it easy. Which is why this whole website will always be unpolished. With that being said, I don’t embrace the absence of balance. 
  8. And since I am not about perfection, I’m not going to try to round this up to 10 bullet points.