Astrology Podcast - This Babe Is Not Retrograde

New Episode: What Does ‘Retrograde’ Mean?

May 2020 is turning four planets retrograde – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. What does that mean for you? Tune in to find out.


Even if you’re not that familiar with astrology, chances are you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde. Well, the problem is, Mercury is not the only planet, so it’s not the only one going retrograde either.

In fact, May 2020 is turning four of them retrograde – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Oh my.

No idea what that means? In this episode, Aman and I chat about exactly that, what areas of life you may expect delays and how to deal with it all.

The Takeaways:

  • Expect delays when it comes to official structures and relationships.
  • Watch out how you express your ambitions.
  • Expect delays – but don’t be worried. Use your time wisely to focus on your inner activity – let ideas flow, do your research or just take a break.
  • And for the love of Universe, don’t attempt to give yourself bangs while in quarantine.

On Perfectionism, Indecisiveness & Creativity This Babe Is Not Retrograde

Join us for another catch-up as we compare notes on our insights from therapy, how we're battling perfectionism, indecisiveness and what role creativity plays in the process. Where to find Aman: website+blog: Instagram: @amankaurco / @themorningbabe Twitter: @themorningbabe Where to find Olga: website+blog: Instagram: @olgaverk Twitter: @notretrograde Resources  (definitely not sponsored lol): online therapy: & talkspace our favorite meditation app: Calm (free for Kaiser members) easy, free natal chart builder: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. On Perfectionism, Indecisiveness & Creativity
  2. How-To's of Therapy, Attachment and Why Values Are Always the Answer
  3. Dissecting Identity & How Astrology Can Help You Find Your Shadow
  4. Going Inward – on Therapy, Meditation & Self-Acceptance
  5. Building Adequate Self-Esteem


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Instagram: @amankaurco / @themorningbabe

Twitter: @themorningbabe

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